Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Write On!

So, I am starting a blog. I am doing it for a few reasons. All of them are addressed by the title I've chosen. As with many of the things I will likely type, it is a word play (I'd like to consider myself a bit of a linguaphile but, mostly just because I like that word. I don't think I'm devoted enough to really claim it). You will also notice, if you continue to read, that I may tend to overuse parenthetical and some other potentially awkward mechanisms. I will also make up words. I love to create a portmanteau and will purposely re-spell a word for effect or meaning. Which may seem funny because it drives me nuts when people misuse words accidentally. But, I really like it when they do it on purpose. A.A. Milne comes to mind. If you're not sure why, I recommend re-reading some of the classic Pooh stories. So, yeah, this will all probably be very stream of consciousness...

But, back to the title of the blog. This is about my experience, and from what I can tell, a lot of what determines how we live is a matter of practice. So, yeah, Practice Matters. The blog itself is a practice. First of all a writing practice. I really enjoy writing but, have not written much for several years. It's also a vulnerability practice. I really believe in the value of being connected with people, and furthermore that those personal connections are forged and nurtured through openness of heart. I intend to be as open with my feelings and experiences as possible. To the degree that this is already a practice of mine, I have seen marked progress in the degradation of ego. However, I am well aware, I have plenty left to let go of. Another benefit of this connectedness, and an intention I am setting (or again continuing from my life outside of this blog) is helpfulness. I really think we all have something to offer, and that by simply sharing our lives we help each other. A phrase I use often, and will likely expound on here, is "Help helps, no matter which way it's flowing." Or just "Help helps." Meaning, it is helpful to both parties. It is good for the person helping, as well as the person being helped. So, it is my hope that by sharing myself here, it will help me further develop my practices, and that readers may find some value in them as well.

My plan is to type on a pretty regular basis. Every night, our kids have an hour of reading and writing time before bed. I plan to utilize that same time, before going in to tuck them in. I likely won't write for an hour every night. But, I will write something. I will write about the things I am practicing, how they're working for me, and what I am learning from them. Sometimes I will babble on, like this, or I may write a poem, or maybe just a thought. But, whatever I do write, my main practice will to be as transparent as possible.

Lastly, I am sharing a video. I have shared it with many people, many times. But, it is a fitting intro to this blog. It's an excerpt of one of my teachers, who I was introduced to almost 20 years ago, when I needed guidance the most (thanks, Nancy), talking about practice...


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