Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"No Practice Practice" or "Practiceless v. Practice Less"

Today was one of those fluid days. You know those days, where you don't even notice how smoothly everything is going, or how neatly everything is linked together because you are just in it? (At least until you reflect a bit.) Yeah, one of those days.

Today's log looks something like:

530ish: Jog with dog.
730ish: Arrive at work.
1130ish: Lunch with a friend I haven't seen for a while
1230ish: Bumped into another friend, I haven't seen in a while.
1245ish: Jumped into (well in front of) yet another friend I haven't seen in a while.
4ish: Phone call with a loved one I have spoken to for a while.
4:30ish: Dinner with nephew I haven't seen in WAY too long a while.
630ish: Get home to play with Zen while he is in fireball mode.
745ish: Baby bedtime songs and snuggles.
8ish 20 minute sit.
8:41: Typed THIS.

I wrote it like that to give you a sense of how it was for me. Each event in the timeline was just the next thing that happened. It wasn't until I was telling my wife how my day was that I registered a theme, or the seeming serendipity of it all.

I also didn't notice until now - something that I have noticed in the past - that running seems to be a part of my day, on a lot of the days that I am at this level of ease or "connectedness". That was the word I used to describe how I felt to Jane. "I just felt connected today." I think you can see why, looking at the above chronology. But, I didn't even really identify the feeling until I was telling her about it. It was one connection after another.

I wasn't even trying. I wasn't "being mindful" or "setting my intention". I just was wherever I was.

Alarm went off...time to run.

Wished Tony a Facebook "Happy Anniversary! Congrats and Love!"...hey, long time, let's have lunch!

Hug Tony goodbye, turn around to head for the bank..."Whattup Simmer?!"

Keep stepping on my errand, after a chat..."SPRIZE Ethelind!"

My bro, my nephews' call to talk about life changes...

...just happened to have plans with his Son tonight.


I just kept thinking "that was really nice"...all day!

Now I am writing...reConnecting with this practice. Continuing to reConnect with this practice...

I am tempted to produce and describe some thoughts about what this all means (or might mean or my understanding of it); About how practice turns into fluid, intuitive, living. But, I am not going to think much more deeply about it than I have already.

Keep the link.


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